Workplace safety courses

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Workplace safety

The employer must train all his workers according to art. 37 of Legislative Decree 81/08, according to the contents and duration provided for in by the States Regions Agreement of 21/12/2011.

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Work safety training

In particular, the State-Regions Agreement indicates that training on worker safety has a different duration, depending on the sector to which the company belongs and is composed of a “general” module and a specific module, inherent to the company’s sector.

For all areas, the general module lasts 4 hours and has the objective of training the workers on the general concepts of prevention and safety at work.

This module, prepared by the Peschiera company, is therefore able to meet the training needs envisaged on safety for workers, in general.

To correctly and completely conclude the training course provided for by the State Regions agreement sanctioned on 21/12/2011, all employees will need additional training on safety that will integrate this first module and that is specific based on the risks and activities carried out within the company.

Who the training is for

All workers from all sectors.


The contents of the general 4-hour module are as follows:

a) Concepts of risk, damage, prevention and protection and hints on risk assessment;
b) Organization of business prevention;
c) Rights, duties and penalties for the various company members;
d) Supervisory, control and assistance bodies;
Final test.


Documentation used by the instructors during the course and necessary to be able to further study each topic addressed


All the instructors of the training course Safety general part (4 hours)are experts in the field of health and safety at work with many years of experience,

Attendance certificates and evaluation of participants

Each participant will be issued with a certificate of attendance upon passing the final learning assessment