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Peschiera Carrelli: Made in Italy

Thanks to our partner companies, and our care in understanding our customer’s problems we constantly strive to create new innovative and cutting-edge products and services. Every business reality is different and each has its own specific requirements to be met so these products and services are calibrated and tailor-made for each individual customer.

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We are able to offer unique and high-end forklifts and we can make internal logistics an added value for our customers, guaranteeing precise, optimal and punctual services.

Internal logistics and warehouse management must no longer represent a mere cost in the financial year, but must become a strength that, if well managed, can guarantee cost containment, a correct flow of goods from which waste free, virtuous production circles can be generated.

In the company Peschiera Forklifts we are very aware of this, thus we have internally studied, designed and built various ranges of electric forklifts that are suitable for the different types of existing warehouses.
Our greatest desire is to offer a highly competitive machine, with high technological innovation that is suitable for current and future challenges.

Our productions are efficient and effective, as well as being extremely functional and designed with criteria that optimize the maintenance times of the machines.

Since we are, first and foremost, builders, we know exactly how problematic it is to carry out maintenance on a poorly designed forklifts. We know how much work it takes to assemble and disassemble components placed in wrong or awkward or badly assembled positions.
Our strength is given by the fact that being aware of these problems, our forklifts are built with criteria of maximum efficiency and effectiveness to avoid unnecessary waste of money for our customers.
In addition to unnecessary shutdowns that create problems and costs for the warehouse and internal handling.

We want each of our customers to take full advantage of our products, and of our skills that we put at their disposal to offer them professional advice in the logistics field, in which we are experts.