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Peschiera Carrelli Liftrucks offers a used forklift sales service.

We sell used forklifts in Cremona, Mantva and Parma and surrounding areas.

In recent years, thanks to a solid network of collaborations with companies specialized in the marketing of used forklifts, we are also specialized in selling this type of product.

This is done to guarantee an investment in products that are less expensive than a new vehicle, but which, overhauled and serviced by us can guarantee greater safety and reliability since we are manufacturers.

We go personally to view the vehicles, we test them, evaluate them and buy the best ones.

After the purchase, we personally take care of the overhaul of the used forklift and all the necessary checks because our goal is to be able to provide you with a safe and reliable vehicle, as if it had been made by us.

In fact, the added value that you will find in the electric forklifts offered by us is contained in the overhaul and in the service carried out by our specialized technicians: an overhaul and a guarantee issued by those who build forklifts with their own hands and this is an added value that should not be underestimated.

In addition to the forklifts overhauled and checked by us, a 20-month warranty is added: this will allow you to be covered in the event of any type of problem.

Thanks to our many years of experience we have a great network of collaborations with companies in the sector to which we go to view and evaluate the machines they have in their warehouses.

We test them personally and evaluate their condition.

After having tested them, we transport them to our headquarters where they are overhauled in all their components (engine, battery, chains, etc …).

We repaint and refurbish them thus offering our customers a safe electric forklift that is less expensive than a new machine.

The result? An overhauled and serviced electric forklift, with warranty that works perfectly once again.

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    Our used Forklifts - Lift Trucks in Cremona, Mantva and Parma

    Cesab 4 wheels Blitz 250
    Cesab 4 wheels Blitz 250
    Cesab 3 wheels BLITZ 318
    Cesab 3 wheels BLITZ 318
    Toyota Stacker
    Toyota Stacker