Forklift – Liftruck Rental

Forklift and Liftruck Rental

The rental is a lease agreement of our vehicles. Find out how to rent a forklift or liftruck from our fleet.

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Cremona, Mantova and Parma Forklift – Lift Truck Rental

What does it mean to rent forklifts or liftrucks? Specifically for forklifts, it is an agreement, through which, in fact, you rent and can use an electric forklift for a specific time period.

It is often organized as if it were a subscription because, in addition to the use of the vehicle, the rental fee can also include assistance and repairs if the forklift breaks down.

First of all, the advantage that companies have in choosing the rental formula is that they don’t have to purchase the machine which would be a lot more expensive.

To finalize the agreement between the parties, a special contract is drawn up where the company supplying the vehicle undertakes to provide the liftruck for the established period and the client company pays the fees provided for in the contract.

We operate in the areas of Cremona, Parma and Mantova.

The rental agreement for an electric forklift can be short or long term:


Short term: as the word says, this type of rental is for a short period of time. Usually this period can vary from one day, to two or three weeks. There are many reasons for choosing this kind of rental. Usually this is for urgency reasons. For example, the forklift truck that the company already has breaks or there are sudden work requests for which the appropriate vehicle is not available. The short-term rental of electric forklifts is a service that Peschiera Forklifts offers. The cost is higher than


  • Flexibility
  • Possibility to promptly resolve an emergency situation


  • The cost is higher compared to a long term forklift rental


Long term: the contract is usually from 1 to 36 months and assistance service can also be provided for within the contract


  • Lower costs
  • Transportation fees are included
  • Assistance and maintenance included

Therefore, a long term retail is in most cases the best choice.

forklift rental

Some advice on rental and the advantages:

  1. Is it more convenient to rent an electric forklift or to buy one?

In order to fully and correctly answer this question, before continuing, it is important to understand, what is the company that wants to rent the forklift going to use it for and what are its needs and requirements.

Renting these electric forklifts can be a good solution for monitoring costs of your company.

The rental formula allows you to know with certainty the fixed costs that will be generated by the use of these machines.

But before proceeding with the rental of a forklift, whether new or used, it is important to establish some aspects that will lead to the final choice:

  1. Is the use seasonal and are there peaks at certain times of the year or is it constant over the 12 months?

For seasonal use, the rental formula could be the best solution: you rent and pay only for the months of actual use and, in the other months, you do not have to incur into costs that could limit your cashflow


  1. Are the type of goods that need to be handled always the same or do they change depending on the time of the year?

If the type of goods you handle during the year vary alot, being able to rent the correct forklift every time, based on your needs, could be an excellent solution: when you have to move a few packages you can use a pallet truck and when you have much heavier goods to move you can rent the forklift with the correct capacity.

Renting an electric forklift does not mean going to rent the first vehicle that the company offers us because there is an emergency to deal with.

By choosing to rent a vehicle you can have a forklift that is even better and with a higher performance compared to those that you were using up to that moment.

So it is important to take into consideration some technical aspects:

  1. Is the vehicle safe? Overhauled and warrantied?
  2. What is the lifting capacity of the mast? Is the on board operator’s view clear and unobstructed?
  3. Does the forklift have energy recovery during braking? This will guarantee a better performance, less energy expenditure and longer lasting charge.
  4. Is it a brushed motor? Or is it a three-phase motor? If it is a three-phase motor then you won’t have the brush wear problem ( and thus the costs of maintenance and replacement for the brushes)
  5. Is the lifiting capacity suitable for your loads?

The economic advantages of renting forklifts

There are various advantages that come with renting an electric forklift to keep in mind:

  1. The rental fee is tax deductible
  2. The rental formula can be customized: you can ask to include or exclude cost items that are not functional to your work
  3. It has no “surprise” costs: you will always know, every month, how much your expense will be because you can include mandatory periodic maintenance in the rental contract
  4. Your needs change, you can change the rental formula and / or the rented vehicle and ask for one that best fits your needs.