Liftruck – Forklift Driver License

Forklift Driver License Course

A license to drive a liftruck (or forklift) is an obligatory certification in order to drive our vehicles

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Liftruck Operator Course - Liftruck - Forklift Driver License

Liftruck Driver License Cremona and Mantova

Therefore, the forklift license is, in fact, a certificate that attests the training and, consequently, the ability to drive these vehicles.

It is issued at the end of a 12 hour course, upon passing a theoretical and a practical test (driving the vehicle in a limited space).

The obligation to possess this license is sanctioned by the State-Regions Agreement of 22 February 2012 – Identification of work equipment for which specific operator qualification is required (Article 73, paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 ).

As manufacturers of forklifts, we are authorized, according to the State-Regions Agreement of 22/02/2012, to carry out training courses for the operation of the actual forklifts.

Isn’t it better to learn how to drive a forklift with people who actually build them and are experts on the subject?





Advantages of Liftruck – Forklift Driver License

The advantages of obtaining a certificate for the operation of forklifts at our company are many:

  1. Have you ever seen a forklift and have doubts on how to operate or use it?

Don’t worry: each course is limited and we only accept a small group of people to instruct.

This allows us to personally follow each individual participant and to immediatly clear up any doubts concerning the theoretical or practical aspects.

In this way each individual participant will have a personalized and dedicated teaching.

Also with regards to the practical part, a company tutor will personally help you and you will have the opportunity to do more driving and testing, under the expert supervision of those people who built that forklift

  1. Have you never driven a forklift and you don’t feel safe?

Don’t worry. After passing the theoretical and practical exam, you can also return several times in our centers and practice your driving skills in order to gain confidence and familiarity with forklifts

  1. Do you want to better understand the anatomoy of these machines?

No problem. Thanks to our tutoring activity we will be able to explain every single detail and we will be able to explain to you which machine is more suitable for which work environemnt and warehouse