Forklift and Liftrucks sales in Casalmaggiore

Forklift Production and Development

When buying a new or used forklift,one of the decisions to be made carefully is to choose whether to prefer a diesel or an electric forklift vehicle. The difference is not trivial and is not only limited to the environmental impact: an electric and a motorized forklift have different characteristics also when it comes to use and performance.

As far as consumption is concerned, which is better, an electric or a diesel forklift?

And in terms of efficency? Is an electric forklift more powerful than a diesel one?

Each has its pros and cons: it is better to be well prepared on these aspects, before proceeding with the purchase of a warehouse stacker.

The electric forklift, like those produced by Peschiera in Casalmaggiore, is often chosen for warehouses and closed spaces.

In fact, in this type of premises, the electric forklift is quiet and clean: there are no emissions for the workers and for the environment in which they operate and it is not loud and disturbing.

In Casalmaggiore, the Peschiera company helps you choose this type of forklift: these products are a good deal and they have a great performance.

Diesel forklifts are more suitable for outdoor use: for storing and moving goods on yards or for outdoor work

Ultimately it is not possible to establish which forklift is the best: it is necessary to first establish some aspects, evaluating what characteristics your plant has, the nature of your business, etc …

In Casalmaggiore, the Peschiera forklift company is an excellent partner to carry out this type of analysis and to guide you in the choice that best suits your business